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Our Managed Entreprise Mobility Services

We love to help you manage your mobile lifecycle



We will help you select the best hardware for the job. We can handle all brands and platforms, our services include direct sales, short and long term (operational) lease, or rent.



Configure, enroll and deploy automatically, worldwide, standardised on all platforms. End users don’t have to do anything, users quick start just by logging in. Ain’t that nice!



A succesfull implementation of any kind of software can not be done without end user training, we have the experience in training users and superusers to get started on mobile solutions.


Support Service

To guarantee succes you can choose to enroll in our end user support program, we will handle everything to empower your mobile workforce for you. 98% customer satisfaction since 2010 proves we have a great succes rate. That’s what we call Sunny Service!



Unfortunately even proven technology breaks down, devices sometimes must be switched out or repaired. A painful proces for the end user, we can handle all repairs and shipment for you, and better yet… It’s included in our Sunny Service package. Ain’t that great!?



Devices have a lifespan, especially mobile devices. After a while they need to be replaced. We interchange them and handle all shipment. If you choose to do so, we even give you a great price and certificate of data destruction. Your occasions will then be put to use in other projects.

Area of expertise

What we love to do and focus on


Deploying endpoint solutions

Many software vendors need partners to help grow the succes at their end customers, we are such a partner. Founded in 2010, when the first tablets hit the office floor. Since then we have grown in volume, skill and expertise resulting in strong partnerships with the vendors of Entreprise Mobility Management solutions.

We fill the gap between the vendor and the customer to help grow the success of the solution of your choice. Our experienced consultants and technicians can assist you with pretty much any topic, and best thing… We love topics we have never seen before.


Deployment specialists

Deploying mobile devices on large scale is a challenging job, it requires knowledge, experience and determination to successfully deploy any larger number of devices all at once. Managing the content en specific wishes per user or group is even more challenging. We are specialists when it comes to deployment strategy and execution, we have the experience, knowledge and the determination to help you succeed in your roll out. Based on our toolset we can practically deploy anything on any device in large or small quantities.


Managing your mobile lifecycle

With our full scale service you will not have any worries regarding your Entreprise Mobility Management services. We will handle anything and everything your need on this topic. We have experience in large en small scale deployments, we will handle all end user support issues and we will manage all your devices for deployment, content, security and decommission.


App Development

Looking for an app that specifically fits your needs? We can help you find out what you need, how you need to develop it, how you need to deploy it, and how you need to service and maintain it. We can help you succeed with the tough mobile challenges you face, even if the app you need has not been developed yet… Together we will figure it out!


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“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” – Katharine Hepburn

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“A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” – Albert Einstein.

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